1. Wildcat Cheers
  2. Start of Something New
  3. Get’Cha Head in the Game
  4. Get’Cha (Playoff) into Lab
  5. Auditions
  6. What I’ve been looking for
  7. Stick to the Status Quo
  8. Status Quo (Playoff) into Rooftop Garden
  9. Into the Gym
  10. Counting On You
  11. Sorry Troy
  12. We’re All in This Together
  13. Bop To The Top
  14. Breaking Free
  15. Game Buzzer /Wildcat Wamp
  16. We’re All in This Together (Reprise)
  17. Megamix
  18. Bop To The Top (Exit Music)

Instrument: piano and vocal
Pages: 58 (!)

The piano and vocal scores in pdf: High School Musical – SONG SCORES

Have fun and keep playing!